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Kirkpatrick Stoneworks Ltd. has been selected by Rock of Ages as the exclusive “Authorized Retailer” of their distinguished line of Seal Mark Memorials for the Niagara Region, Haldimand and Norfolk Counties and parts of Oxford County. What does this mean? It means that only we can offer your family peace of mind with guaranteed quality through the strongest, most comprehensive perpetual warranty offered in the monument industry today. We are proud to be a part of their program because our philosophies are the same; a monument should be made to last forever! We take great pleasure in being able to provide our families with Rock of Ages Perpetual Warranties. Other retailers may attempt to explain that they can get their granite memorials from Rock of Ages; however, only authorized retailers have access to the small percentage of the stone quarried from Rock of Ages that meets the stringent quality standards necessary to be used as a memorial that carries the Rock of Ages brand. “If it doesn’t have the Rock of Ages seal carved on it, it’s not a Rock of Ages seal mark memorial”

Our families gain peace of mind in knowing that the warranties chosen with their purchase will forever protect their monument against cracking, discoloring, chipping or any other defect attributable to the granite or the workmanship. If for any reason your memorial needed to be replaced, all related costs are taken care of through an independently maintained perpetual trust. The unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship is backed by an iron-clad guarantee. This warranty is not only valid for your immediate family, but also for your heirs and in some cases, the cemetery itself. Even in the unlikely event that Rock of Ages ceases to exist in the future, your family’s memorial is still protected. Why is that important? Anyone who has ever purchased a memorial from a company who has changed hands or is out of business may find themselves with a “warranty” not worth much more than the paper it is written on. Families could be left footing the bill for replacements or costly fixes. Even though a perpetual warranty, backed by a trust may be the best option to guarantee peace of mind, Kirkpatrick Stoneworks has always created memorials with longevity in mind, using materials and techniques that allow us to stand by what we do.


It is among the oldest rock on earth. Hidden deep beneath the ground's surface, granite unmasks itself only after the softer, upper layers of dirt and rock have worn away, allowing its strength and power to be revealed.

Granite is a rock for the ages - a rock that has withstood the test of time.
Rock of Ages has set the standard in stone worldwide. No one is more experienced in providing higher quality granite and versatile service than Rock of Ages, and no one stands behind the projects they produce like Rock of Ages

Granite is forever.

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Helping families express their love, respect and honour into memorials of lasting beauty since 1929.


Manufacturing Facility Only
23 Highland Avenue, 
Fonthill, Ontario L0S 1E0
Phone: 905-892-3061


Did you know Kirkpatrick Stoneworks also specializes in Granite Countertops?
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